January 16th 2023

This zine was made for a printed matter class that focused on familiarizing students with the transition from digital to physical. The assignment prompt was to make 50 observations over the course of a week and narrow down our favorites for a themed zine. I found inspiration in the observations from a single day when I felt mentally foggy and stuck in my own head. I edited my observations into a poem about my experience that day, which became the text for the visuals.

Digital Originals

In Photoshop, I chose to use an editing style that combined two concepts I felt represented my feelings that day, liminal spaces and “drain edits”. Drain is an ethereal but melancholic aesthetic that has become rapidly popular over the past decade and can include media like music, fashion and photo edits. Liminal spaces, like drain, are an internet aesthetic that fixate on empty or abandoned places appearing eerie, forlorn, nostalgic and often surreal. I felt that these two concepts could combine in the zine to represent this day as I experienced it, hazy and lost in my own thought.


Laser Printed 5.5” x 8.5”